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Project of a laboratory for the analysis of innovative models of district heating and cooling networks

The EURAC in Bolzano has a laboratory for the analysis of innovative systems for the use of district heating and cooling.
The project was realized on the grounds of the NOI Tech Park in Bolzano.
The project includes a distribution grid that was implemented outdoors to simulate a district heating network with various consumers and heat generators.
Heat and cold generators and energy consumers were installed, the possibility was implemented to connect additional consumers with quick-release fasteners; the system for regulating and controlling the system was also implemented

Project term
Progettazione: maggio 2015 – dicembre 2015
Implementation project
Eurac Research Istituto per le Energie Rinnovabili
Kind of assignement and project
Istituto di ricerca
Typology of the construction
Cogenerazione e trigenerazione
Our accomplishments

Sviluppo del concetto impiantistico insieme ad Eurac Research e progettazione esecutiva dell’impianto

Architect and other technicians