VOG Products – combined heat and power plant

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VOG Products – combined heat and power plant

Realization of a combined heat, power and cooling system at VOG Products in Leifers

In the production facility of VOG Products in Laives there was realized a combined heat and power plant for the production of electrical energy, thermal energy in the form of steam and in the form of hot water as well as cold for cooling the administrative areas.
Energytech has prepared a feasibility study to analyze the technical and economic aspects and after the decision of the building owner to implement the system, Energytech was responsible for the various phases of planning and construction management

Project term
luglio 2016 – marzo 2017
Implementation project
maggio 2017 – novembre 2017
VOG Products Soc. agricola coop
Kind of assignement and project
Azienda produzione alimentare
Typology of the construction
Cogenerazione e trigenerazione
Our accomplishments

Studi di fattibilità con analisi energetica ed economica, progettazione esecutiva e direzione dei lavori. Progettazione antincendio

Architect and other technicians
Progettazione Dr. Ing. Siegfried Pohl