Our strengths

Concept and Simulation Research

In the energy sector, accurate analyses of needs and/or potential needs are the basis for a targeted elaboration of concepts and cost-benefit calculations. This is the only way clients from all sectors, from residential to industrial, can develop financing plans and targeted strategies to save energy and protect the environment, but above all, to achieve economic savings.

Plant management

The optimization and operation of plants are essential to make the most of the savings potentials present in energy supply plants. The analysis of a system together with a periodic analysis of the energy flows allows to identify the saving potentials ranging from the optimization of the regulation parameters to the adaptation of the system and the change of parts of the system.

Design and Construction Management

Clients are given a package that includes competent and qualified consultations, the design and management of works with accounting in the construction phase and, last but not least, the management of the plant for the entire field of energy in the domestic and industrial sector, and energy supply sector.

Relations and Training

The two owners, Norbert Klammsteiner and Georg Felderer, hold courses, are frequently speakers at conferences in northern Italy, and hold lectures in Post Graduate Master courses at the Universities of Bolzano, Rome, Camerino and Vicenza.

Measurements and Technical Physics

Technical physics as well as non-destructive measures in buildings have become more and more important due to the increasingly high insulation and the stagnation of buildings. The optimized choices of the stratigraphy of opaque construction elements and the choices of the specific windows for each use are of fundamental importance to avoid constructive damage and to achieve the objective set.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Finding joy and courage in taking new paths! Project integration and coordination • Adapting systems to architectural needs • Creativity in the search for technical solutions based on the requests and wishes of our clients - architects

“If everything is under control you are just not driving fast enough”.

Stirling Moss, racing driver, born in 1929