Technology planned to work for people

Our Mission.

“If everything is under control you are just not driving fast enough”.
Stirling Moss, racing driver, born in 1929

Economy and Ecology

The energy production factor must be used in an advantageous way both from an economic and an ecological point of view.

Service and Advice

We offer a complete service: from consultation to final results, from executive design to construction management of heating and electrical systems, domestic and industrial systems, fire prevention included.

CO2 emissions

One of our main aims when designing the plants is the neutrality of CO2 emissions. We design systems with zero impact on the environment while keeping an eye on costs.

Enthusiasm & courage

Enthusiasm & courage for everything new by identifying, exploring and implementing new methods and technologies.

Energy saving

Our mission is the search for maximum energy saving and sustainability, thus combining ecology with economy, in every case.

Flow management

Precise calculations and simulations lead to detailed knowledge of the plant system and of the potential for reducing CO2 emissions, thus allowing for targeted management of investment flows.

Our History

Two engineers,  Norbert Klammsteiner and Georg Felderer, in 1997 started their activity as freelancers in the energy field. At the beginning,  they were both independent workers but already using the name INGENIEURE Felderer & Klammsteiner; they then started using the name Energytech, the combination of which was featured in the company logo until 2007. In 1998, the firm became one of the first five BIC companies (Business Innovation Center) with headquarters in via Negrelli in Bolzano and finally in the current TIS building in via Siemens in the same city. In 2000, the associated studio, INGENIEURE Felderer & Klammsteiner, was founded. In 2003, the firm moved to its current headquarters in via Negrelli in Bolzano. Finally, towards the end of 2006, Energytech s.r.l. was founded, and later became fully operational in 2008.

Our Future

/ Rational use of energy in all sectors

/ Building based on consolidated foundations and knowledge

/ Identify, explore and implement new methods and technologies

/ Cooperation and commitment to expand  knowledge and activity by sector

/ Enthusiasm & courage for everything new


Quality management is operationally controlled by a general manager and a quality manager.

“If everything is under control you are just not driving fast enough”.

Stirling Moss, racing driver, born in 1929