Organizational structure.

Our Team.

The activities and projects are managed by the general management and the project managers in  our organizational structure.

For each project: a project manager is identified and becomes responsible for running the project and also works side by side with designers when necessary.

Quality management is operationally controlled by a general manager and a quality manager.

Norbert Klammsteiner

Director and legal representative

Georg Felderer

Director, legal representative and quality system manager

Manuel Pallua

Project manager, MEP systems specialist, measurement manager

Ana Celeste de Jesus Lima

Energy requirement calculations, Casaclima

Martin Rossi

Project manager, electrical installation specialist

Manuel Fischnaller

Project manager, electrical installation specialist

Martina Buratti

Administration and site accounting

Fabian Innerbichler

MEP system designer

Sissela Lidebjer

MEP system designer

Zeno Schiappelli

MEP system designer

Marco De Fina

MEP system designer - BIM Manager

Fabian Ceolan

Electrical sytsems designer

Daniel Recla

MEP system designer

Daniel Rautscher

Electrical systems designer

Nadya Tschigg

MEP system designer, quality system manager

Marianna Giacoia

Fire Prevention Specialist

Francesco Caola

MEP system designer

Stefano Gallo

Electrical systems designer

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Stirling Moss, racing driver, born in 1929